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Keeping Patients Safe

Flu deaths can be reduced when hospital employees are immunized for the seasonal flu.

Search for a hospital by county (click on the map) or view a complete list of participating hospitals. Some hospitals will begin reporting data in November and December.

This report indicates the percentage of seasonal flu vaccines given to employees at participating hospitals.

Use this information to find out how your hospital compares on flu shot vaccinations for employees.

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Percentage of flu shots given to employees at the facility (February 2013):
High Performer = 100%
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (1100 E Norris Dr) Ottawa 61350  
Illinois Valley Community Hospital (925 West St) Peru 61354  
Mendota Community Hospital (1401 E 12th St) Mendota 61342    
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center - Ottawa (1614 E Norris Dr) Ottawa 61350